Friday, March 31, 2006

Prison Break: The Soap Gun Trick

In Nebraska, a prisoner escaped using a gun made from a bar of soap. Seriously. That's one of the oldest tricks in the book. The prisoner's escape plan sounds like something out of Prison Break, but less complicated. He pretended to spit blood, making them think he was sick. There was no doctor on duty, so they had to drive him to the hospital. The police van had a screen separating him and the guards. On the way to the hospital, the prisoner put the gun to the guard's head. In the dark, the gun looked real enough that they fell for it. He forced the guards out, threw away the gun, and drove off.They should make these guards watch prison movies as part of their training. Next thing you know, I'll read a story about how a prison cell looked empty, and when the guard went into the cell to see what happened, the prisoner dropped on him from the ceiling. They should spray armed prisoners with water to see if their guns melt.
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Mauricem said...

That's right up there with the "Oh no I'm sick. Ha! Now that you're in the cell I'll overpower you and make you let me go" trick.

I guess every trick works at least once in a while.

"Prison Break" is an awesome show by the way.

Monkey Migraine said...

That is a great show. I need to get the DVD, I've missed a few. I just wish they had thought out the show more. I can't imagine it being good after they escape.

glomgold said...

How is it I've never heard of the soap gun trick before? The prisoner hiding on the ceiling, well at least I know of that one.
Hey, I thought prisoners were never supposed to "drop the soap" for fear of bad things. Bad bad things...