Monday, November 04, 2013

MemeWatch: What the Fox Says

Have you heard the phrase "what the fox says" and didn't know what it meant? Want to be ahead of the curve on what the young people are doing? Then let's learn together with MemeWatch. Today's lesson is on "What the Fox Says."

You've probably heard about the phrase "what the fox says." It's from this music video: "The Fox," more popularly known as "What Does the Fox Say."

Trivia: The video wasn't actually intended to be a real song. Ylvis is a Norwegian comedy duo with a TV show, and "The Fox" was just intended to be a commercial for the new season of their show. "The Fox" is meant to be a parody of pretentious pop music with an intentionally silly and stupid premise. As one member of Ylvis said, it was just supposed to amuse Norway for a few minutes. In the process, they accidentally created a genuinely good song. No one is more surprised than Ylvis that "The Fox" has taken off.