Thursday, March 09, 2006

In The Slow Lane of the Internet

It's time I confessed. Myspace. RSS feeds. Flickr. These are things I don't understand and have never used. I never thought I would get to this point. I'm behind the times. I remember when I was on the cutting edge. World Wide Web? Been there, done that. Newsgroups? Go there every day. HTML? Could write it in my sleep. But I guess I got too complacent and let things pass me by. I'm the Internet equivalent of your Grandpa. But at least I figured out this whole blog thing. I'd better start catching up.
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Mauricem said...

Eh. You're not missing much. People are just finding different ways to deliver information over the Internet, but the core remains the same.
I think the problem is there was a time in the early 90's when technology was accelerating faster than demand. A whiole copr of useless internet stuff came and went so fast we started getting used to ignoring new trends.
Now the internet is driving technology and only the real deal is coming to the top.
Still ciming fast though.

Mauricem said...

Dear Sir,
There's something called the 'Internets' people have been telling me I need to look at. Is this it?

George W. Bush

Mauricem said...

Top ten signs you're out of touch with technology
10. You're still waiting for Windows 98 SE the fifth edition.
9. Blogging? That's in the bathroom right?
8. You try to podcast with a fly fishing rod.
7. "Eh, that Macintosh company'll never make anything good."
6. You think an iPod is a green vegetable with your name on it.
5. You invite the guys over to watch the game on your new 28-inch big screen TV.
4. It's getting harder and harder to get blank BetaMax tapes.
3. You belong to the "I love Zip-drives" BBS group.
2. Googling is what you do at the beach.

And the number one way you can tell you're out of touch with technology...

1. You can't figure out why some of these are funny.