Sunday, April 02, 2006

Secret Origins: Green Lantern

I found a website which chronicles the true origin of Green Lantern. Would you believe he was originally supposed to be a knock-off of Aladdin? That makes sense - it's a lantern and a ring that make his wishes come to life. Some weird but true facts:
* The creator was inspired while riding the train and watching a train worker swinging a green lantern
* The original Green Lantern was carved out of a meteor by a Chinese man who was killed by local villagers for practicing witchcraft
* The first Green Lantern was going to be named Alan Ladd after Aladdin. His vulnerability was wood.
This and much more can be

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Mauricem said...

That was absolutely fascinating and really comprehensive. It's interesting to see how the history has been written and rewritten over time.
The part about the origins and history of the original green lantern was fascinating. I always thought it was a wierd concept to use a lantern, but if you think of it as an updated version of a magic genie lamp it makes perfect sense.
Thanks for the clarification.