Friday, March 17, 2006

Flashback: Madballs

Gross for one, gross for all. That was the slogan for the Madballs. They were just rubber balls decorated to look gross, but I always wanted one. Specifically, the eyeball one, Oculus Orbus. That looked cool. Man, hard to believe that was once considered controversial. Nowadays, those things would be considered suitable for preschoolers.

Fun Facts:
* Madballs had an animated movie and a comic book series.
* The company also released Head Popping Madballs, action figures with heads that would pop off.

* An overview of the Madballs
* This Japanese site has a list of all the Madballs and pictures of them.

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glomgold said...

Oh yeah!!! Those things looked so cool I was always upset I didn't get to have any. Until I forgot. And now you've reminded me again and I wouldn't mind getting a couple.

Mauricem said...

LOL. I remember those things. These were right on the heels of the "Garbage Pail Kids".
You're right. When I was a kid those things freaked me out. Now, they just seem kind of cute.
Thanks for the memories!