Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence Can't Handle Meeting "Homeland" Star

I love Jennifer Lawrence. Not so much as an actor (although she's great as Mystique and Katniss), but as a human being. Her antics off the set are more entertaining than her acting, because she's so unfiltered. It's refreshing to see her talk and goof around in ways that regular people do, but most celebrities are too self aware to do. She's the anti-Anne Hathaway.

That's why this clip of her meeting one of the stars of Homeland is so awesome, because it's exactly how a regular person would behave when meeting someone from their favorite show. But it does take a dark turn when they accidentally spoil a major moment from the show, and she freaks out the way most of us who hate spoilers do. (If you haven't seen past the first two seasons of Homeland, don't watch this or you'll do the same thing)