Sunday, March 05, 2006

MySpace: The Movie Deal

I recently discovered YouTube and saw Myspace: The Movie in the listings. I never bothered to watch it, because I couldn't understand the concept. How do you make a movie about MySpace? Then I stumbled across a story that the creator of Myspace: The Movie, David Lehre, just signed a deal to produce a movie with MTV. This probably sounds like sour grapes, but I think this film is vastly overrated. I agree there's a lot to make fun of with MySpace, but I don't think this movie goes far enough. Oh, well, not my decision to make.
Categories: entertainment


Mauricem said...

Funny stuff actually. I like the "angles" joke. Something tells me those guys are more than amateurs though, because that video has pretty good production values.

glomgold said...

Myspace: The Movie? I think I'd rather watch "The Date Movie"!!