Friday, March 31, 2006

COTF: Virtual Hugs

MauriceM recently pointed me to a story about scientists who are trying to create PJs that use vibration and temperature to give "virtual hugs" over the Internet. Sounds like a good idea for parents who can't get home to their kids on time. Also sounds like it's time for another...


BOB: Hey, Joe, it's five o'clock. You're still here?
JOE: Yeah, I gotta work overtime today.
BOB: Oh. But...what's that you're working on?
JOE: It's the remote for my kids' hugging pajamas. I have to set it for their bedtime to give them a hug every night.
BOB: Aw, that's sweet. Except, uh, it looks like you're setting that one pretty high.
JOE: Yeah. Little Billy broke his mother's favorite cookie jar, so I'm turning the hug over his butt to high. These hugging pajamas also have a spanking option.

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Mauricem said...

LOL @ "Spanking option"