Thursday, October 06, 2016

19 Hilarious Photoshop Requests by James Fridman

James Fridman is a Photoshop master who people send personal photos to with requests. They ask him to make them better or change the background or get rid of something. But where Fridman excels is in taking their requests and giving them exactly what they ask for, often with hilarious results. Here's a great collection of some of his best and worst work, which is kind of the same thing.
James Fridman, ladies and gentlemen

Friday, August 05, 2016

The USS Indianapolis Sinking Was Worse Than "Jaws" Said

One of the greatest monologues in film was Robert Shaw's speech in Jaws about what happened to him on the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. His harrowing story about the shark attacks was a great motivation for his hatred and dogged pursuit of sharks.

But it turns out this story pales in comparison to this story by Edgar Harrell, one of the real survivors of the sinking. Listen to this, and it makes you realize the true horror of the scene. Shark attacks were just the tip of the iceberg.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Kidstalk: There's No Such Thing as a Pirate Princess

I have two toddlers, so I watch a lot of kids' TV. Some of it just flies right over my head. Others actually trigger thoughts and analysis that I know are way too deep for childrens' television. I feel compelled to share.

There's an overuse of the word "princess" in entertainment for girls. I'm not even arguing that point. It's just a given. But I think Jake and the Neverland Pirates really crosses the line from pandering to flat-out ridiculous with its "pirate princess."

In case you haven't seen the show, Jake and the Neverland Pirates is about a bunch of kids in Peter Pan's Neverland who are pirate-like, except for the murder and stealing and burning villages. They wave around wooden swords and say "yo ho." And they occasionally run into pirates, including a woman called the Pirate Princess. She's exactly what it says on the tin, a pirate who's a "princess of all pirates."

Here's the problem: there's no such thing as a "pirate princess." It's just not possible. First of all, a princess is by definition the daughter of a ruler of a country. Pirates aren't a nation. They're a group, technically criminals. The term "pirate princess" makes about as much sense as a "bank robber princess." You can be a pirate, and you can be a princess who's turned to piracy, but you can't be a pirate princess. You especially can't be a pirate princess without a pirate king or pirate queen. It's just another ridiculous way to work the term "princess" into the show to attract girls.

I don't even really understand the obsession with princesses, anyway. Why aren't we showing girls queens, women with real power? I figure the attraction of being a princess is having all the perks of monarchy (like money and jewelry and gowns and people waiting on you) without the negatives of having to run a country. It's undeserved fame and fortune. It's why the Kardashians are popular right now.

But no pirate princesses.