Sunday, March 05, 2006

Shark Tale: Remote-Controlled Sharks

Recently, it came out that the US military is funding research on remote-controlled sharks. The idea is that they can implant electrodes in the shark's brain, which will control whether the shark goes up or down, left or right. It's mind-control. Obviously, it's disturbing to think of the government controlling the minds of animals. Animal-rights groups are ticked. But I think there's a more important problem here. They say they plan to use the sharks for espionage, because they can move quietly and won't be detected by radar. But you can't tell me at least one of those generals didn't ask, "Can we rig up an electrode to open and close their mouths?" Because the idea of sending a shark to swim up and bite off Fidel Castro's head is irresistable.
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Living in Canberra said...

Are they going to put lasers on their heads? (as in one of the Austin Powers movies).

Anonymous said...

I want sharks with frikkin' lasers on it!

Mauricem said...

Crazy enough to be true. It's amazing how much money governments will spend on totally off-the-wall projects like this.
I mean, do they really think the return on investment is going to be that high? What happens if we have an enemy that isn't near shark infested waters like...oh I dunno...Iraq?!

Sara said...

Holy shit. I hadn't heard about this. The implications are frighteningly many. Will have to let this move around in my brain for a bit.

glomgold said...

Dear Sir:

Yes! Hopefully they'll wind up creating super-intelligent sharks who then rebel against humans. It'll make for a great movie!

LL Cool J