Saturday, March 11, 2006

Geektalk: Bane Lite

Of all the sins of the Batman movies, the greatest has to be the portrayal of Bane in Batman Forever. In the comics, the only thing that keeps Bane from being Batman's greatest villain is the Joker. The Joker is Batman's equal. But Bane is Batman's superior, both physically and mentally. He's the only villain who ever truly beat Batman, breaking his back and causing him to quit for a period of time. But in Batman Forever, Bane is just a brainless sidekick for Poison Ivy. I'm so happy that the Batman movie series has been rebooted with Batman Begins. Maybe one day, we'll see Bane in all his glory.

As always, you can brush up on the history of Bane in Wikipedia.

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Mauricem said...
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Mauricem said...

I gotta say I never thought, or realized, how important a character Bane is to the Batman world. Probably because, like you said, in the media outside of comic books people figured he was just a muscle-bound freak who was in a couple of one-off comics.
Considering how much play the "Ventriloquist" got in the animated series he should have got more play.
We can only hope the new Batman movies can get it right.
Maybe they could cast Antonio Banderas?

Monkey Migraine said...

Antonio Banderas would be good, but he's too skinny. Eddie Guerrero would've been good, but he died. Maybe his brother.

glomgold said...

Good thing I didn't see that movie!
Actually, I know very little about DC comics stuff; I've only read a little of the Sandman stories.
Batman Begins kicks ass though. X-Men 3 trailer actually looks good despite that Ratner guy.

And I had no idea that Guerrero dude died! Roids OD? (steroids, not hemmorhoids I mean)

Monkey Migraine said...

You'd think it would be 'roids...heart attack. Caused by drugs and alcohol. At least Hart died in the ring.