Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Urning Your Place

What's up with people spreading ashes all over weird places? Once upon a time, someone who was cremated had his ashes put into an urn and kept by his relatives as a fond remembrance of himself, sort of like a gravestone that was portable. Now anyone who's cremated get their ashes scattered. A guy was arrested for throwing his mother's ashes on a football field. Hunter S. Thompson had his ashes blasted out of a cannon. The guy who played Scottie will get his ashes scattered out of the space shuttle. I never understood the whole "where to put my ashes" stuff. You're dead. It's not like Scottie's ashes are going "Whee, I'm in outer space!" I know it's symbolic, but symbolism can be taken too far. I think it takes away from the dignity of death when you plan on giving your ashes a field trip. And how'd you like to be a football player, knowing you're running across a football field with some guy's dead mother sprinkled on it?
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Mauricem said...

When I go I want to be cremated, but definately don't want to be scattered over a football field. Just keep me in a bottle somewhere I say.
One comedian said he wanted to be cremated and have his ashes thrown in the face of all his enemies.
That seems like a good use of my time.

Monkey Migraine said...

I remember that joke. "Bill says hi."

glomgold said...

Agreed. Getting tackled into a pile of grandma ashes just sounds nasty.