Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Creepy Little Kids

What's the deal with creepy little kids in horror movies? I just saw a trailer for the new movie, Stay Alive. And once again, the villain is a creepy little kid. Just like it was in the Grudge. And The Ring. I can understand The Ring, but what does a creepy little kid have to do with a videogame? Remember when horror villains were guys in masks with sharp objects? I blame the Japanese. They've got giant insects, big-eyed kids, and giant robots, and the scariest thing they can think of is a creepy little kid. They have parenting issues in that country.
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glomgold said...

Speaking of which, I just watched Halloween on TV. Probably much creepier when a man bigger than you can get stabbed in the eye, stabbed in the heart, shot, and still come after you. As opposed to, say, a kid who's not even up to your armpit who you could knock into next tuesday.
Good point. Plus, I like to blame as much as possible on the Japanese!

Mauricem said...

I think it's just the idea of juxtaposing the most innocent of figures, a child, with the most horrific of creatures, a killer. But, you never see anyone running away from a child because it would look silly.