Monday, November 28, 2011

Bus drivers, drop the attitude

So there's two buses that run along the corner of Chandler and Ray. One is the 72, which turns north on Ray. I take the 156, which keeps going on Chandler.

So the other day, I see the 72 and to my surprise, it pulls up to the Chandler bus stop. I think maybe it has the wrong sign, so I ask the driver, "Is this the 156?"

The driver says, "No, see the sign" with the word "idiot" clearly left unspoken but intended.

That kind of irritates me, but I can't let it go, so I ask, "Don't you normally turn off on Rural?"

The driver says, with the same bored "you're a moron" tone, "Rural is up there."

So I look up at the sign behind him reading, "Rural Road," and weigh my options. Clearly the driver missed his turn and didn’t notice. I could help him out by pointing out his mistake and getting him to turn around. Which I would have, if he hadn't been such a jerk.

So I just said, "OK," and watched him drive off.

My satisfaction when five minutes later, I see his bus roaring back down Chandler and screeching around the corner back onto Rural cannot be overstated.