Friday, March 03, 2006

Once and Future Me

Inspired by Deirdre Cooley's deep and thought-provoking conversation with her past self, I decided to have my own conversation with my younger self. Here we go...

Hi FutureMe.

Hi PastMe. How's it going?

Okay. You?

Not too bad. Whatcha up to?

Watching TV. You?

Surfing the Internet.

The Internet, huh? That any good?

It's not bad. You'll like it.

Cool. What's TV like in the future?

Eh, not that great. Lost is pretty good.

Got any good toys?

I don't really play with toys anymore. How you feelin'?

Sick. They ever cure athsma?

Not yet. But they have some new medications.


Well...see ya, PastMe.

Later, FutureMe.

Wow...I sure was boring.
Categories: comedy


T. said...

You're right about TV. It does pretty much suck except for Lost.

Mauricem said...

Funny how some things change and some stay the same. That conversation would pretty much sum up my past self conversation too. Imagine that?!
Although I think I'd be more shocked by the internet.