Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Booty Double: Jessica Simpson's Body Double

Jessica Simpson is still insisting that she didn't use a butt double in Dukes of Hazzard. I don't know who she's fooling. You watch the long shots and she's got a flat butt, then you see a shot of a nice curvy booty packing those shorts, then she turns around, and you cut back to Jessica. Does she think we're not going to notice that the only time she's got junk in the trunk is when we don't see her face? Of course, this comes as no surprise to regular readers of this blog, because I tackled this hard-hitting subject months ago.


Mauricem said...

Man, I wouldn't mind being on the investigative committee for that if you know what I mean. (:-)

Mauricem said...

Dear Sirs,
I object to attempts to make a woman's butt look better than they are. Body doubles are unneccessary and all booty is beauty.
Joe Cracker

Sir Mixalot said...

Dear Sir,
I object strongly with the last comment.

Every magazine model in history said...

Dear Sir,
I've never used a body double, but I have had my butt airbrushed once or twice.

Mauricem said...

The definition of Daisy Dukes demand that the shorts hug the curves, but most of the pictures show the back of the shorts flapping in the breeze. Who the heck is the costume designer?

glomgold said...

Jessica jessica jessica, first lying about being a virgin and now this. For shame!