Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We All Scream

I used to lick the cake batter off the spatula when I was a kid, and it was great. I don't bake cakes that much anymore, and I'm afraid of getting sick from the raw eggs. But when I heard they had cake batter-flavored ice cream, I was there. The only thing that stopped me is that I don't eat much ice cream, and I never got around to it. But my wife was terrified of cake-batter ice cream. I thought it was silly to worry about that because surely they wouldn't use real cake-batter ingredients. It would be artificial flavoring.

Imagine my surprise when I found out Cold Stone Creamery had to recall their cake-batter ice cream because of salmonella poisoning. I don't know how salmonella would get in their ice cream, but given that salmonella is found in raw pultry or eggs leads me to conclude that the idiots were mixing real egg into their ice cream. Why would they do something so stupid? Well, I found a comment in a blog by a Cold Stone worker who insisted you couldn't get salmonella from it, because the bacteria is in the yoke, and they use powdered egg whites, and the ice cream is too cold to allow the bacteria to thrive, etc. Sure.

That's got to be the best news for a food manufacturer - "our product is killing people." Imagine how that would feel to get a nice delicious cup of ice cream, and end up in the hospital. Symptoms include bloody diarrhea, nausea, a headache, and vomiting. Yummy. Double scoop for me, please.


Mauricem said...

That is crazy to think about. I assumed they used some kind of flavorings. But, then Cold Stone prides itself on natural ingredients.
That would suck big time.

Mauricem said...

Nice comment on that blog BTW ;)

Anonymous said...

My friend works as a Staff Manager or something at Coldstone and they've told me there's a secret ingredient in the cake-batter flavoured ice cream. They cant say what it is (it's in the contract or something) but I'll guess raw eggs the next time I see them.