Sunday, July 17, 2005

Michael Jackson: 2045

Excerpted from "Beyond Neverland: The Michael Jackson Story," originally printed in Phantom Magazine, June 13 2045.

...After his acquittal of child molestation in 2005, Jackson sold Neverland Ranch and moved to a new home in Beverly Hills, California. Soon afterwards, Jackson tried to stage a comeback with a new CD, Cryogenesis with a hip-hop style rather than traditional pop. But sales were so bad that it didn't even crack the top 200. Faced with mounting debts, Jackson was forced to reunite with his brothers to revive the Jackson Five. The Jackson Five show, Resurrection, performed for six years in casinos throughout Las Vegas until the death of Tito Jackson led to the group's disbanding in 2013.

The downfall of Jackson began in 2015 when twenty men launched a class action suit against Jackson for molesting them in the late eighties. The lawsuit was hampered when Jackson fled the United States and refused to return. Throughout the twenties, hundreds of men came forward to accuse Jackson of molestation, and forty of them led to successful convictions in absentia. Jackson's own son Blanket Jackson testified that he was molested by his father throughout his childhood. Jackson found himself in exile, unable to return to America without facing over two hundred years in prison.

Jackson tried to launch a solo tour in Europe as a gospel singer, but the tour was canceled when he failed to appear at the first five appearances, citing health reasons. His financial problems came to a head when he was sued for breach of contract by tour organizers. Jackson declared bankruptcy, sold his home to settle his debts, and disappeared.

On February 18, 2045, Michael Jackson was found dead in his apartment in Paris, France. He had bought the apartment under the assumed name Jesus Muhammed. He was found in bed, dead of an overdose of prescription pain medication. The police called his death accidental, but some called it a suicide...

UPDATE: (06/27/2009) Well, obviously this prediction was all wrong. Jackson didn't even make it to 2013. I think Jackson probably would have prefer this version of his biography, actually.

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