Saturday, July 09, 2005

Worst Morning Ever

You think you had a bad morning? I can guarantee that Ricky May had worse. That's because he was run over by a car. No, not while he was walking down the street. Not while he was driving to work. He was run over in his house. In his bed. Before he even got up.

A driver fell asleep at the wheel, veered off the road, and went airborne to crash through May's house, into his bedroom, over his bed, and out the other side. The only thing that saved May was being rolled up in his mattress, which took most of the impact. Amazingly, the only injuries he suffered were an amputated finger, an eye injury, and some burns.

Let that be a warning...don't hit the snooze button. Next time your alarm goes off, jump out of bed and run for it.

1 comment:

Mauricem said...

How on earth did the car go over the bed? Insane.