Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Phil Hendrie Show

You may have heard The Phil Hendrie Show already, but didn't know it. The Phil Hendrie Show is a radio show that makes fun of other radio talk-shows. As he so aptly described in one of his commercials, the whole thing is a goof. Phil Hendrie will bring on "guests" who do obnoxious, ridiculous, or downright weird things and interview them. Inevitably, someone who is unfamiliar with the show will call in and try to argue with them, thinking the guest is real. For example, Phil interviewed a man who was suing The Tonight Show because Jay Leno did a street segment where he asked the man who was the Vice-President, and the man said "Al Gore." The man is complaining that the segment was entrapment to make him look stupid. A woman called in to tell him it's his own fault for being stupid, and it quickly turned into an argument about the way she treats men in her life and even the fact that she's a lesbian. The most amazing part is that Phil Hendrie does all the voices himself. Not only does he have a gift for voices, but he's so good at having conversations with himself that it's easy to forget he's both people. He'll exchange pleasantries, have arguments, and even trade insults with (essentially) himself. Sometimes he even pretends to have technical problems. It's something that has to be heard to be believed. Unfortunately, in my area, Phil aired at ten o'clock at night on AM radio, so I only rarely get to hear him. But now he's airing on 101.5 FM on the new FREE FM at nine. I finally get my regular does of Hendrie. If you still don't get it, read this fascinating profile of the Man of a Thousand Personalities at LA Weekly.
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Mauricem said...

Read the LA Weekly article and it is right on the money.
Shame his shows aren't available for download without subscribing. I'll try and catch it soon. Heck, maybe I'll call in!

glomgold said...

Oh yeah!! The Phil Hendrie Show! I used to listen to his stuff on his website b/c I don't think it was avail. on radio here. It's been awhile though; his site charges money now? Rats.
Still, thanks for mentioning him again; I gotta look and see if he's on air anywhere.