Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jokebook: Falling Down Drunk

A guy walks into a bar, has a few drinks, and gets up to leave when the bartender calls him over. The bartender points at a guy lying next to one of the barstools and says, "Hey, buddy, do me a favor, will you? This guy's so drunk, he can't even stay on his stool. Will you drive him home?"

So the guy says fine and tries to help the drunk to his feet, but the drunk keeps falling over. So the guy puts his arm around the drunk and drags him to his car. The guy buckles him in, the drunk mumbles his address, and the guy drives him home.

When he gets to the house, the guy tries to get the drunk onto his feet again, but again the drunk's legs keep slipping out from under him. So the guy grits his teeth, puts his arm around the drunk, and drags him to his house. The guy rings the doorbell and the drunk's wife answers the door.

The wife looks at the drunk hanging off the guy and says, "Thanks for taking my husband home, but where's his wheelchair?"
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Mauricem said...

LOL good one. I never say it coming