Sunday, January 08, 2006

Alicia Keys Has Chest Hair

No joke. There are several pictures floating around the Net of Alicia Keys' chest hair from different occasions and angles. I don't begrudge her having chest hair, but why on Earth doesn't she have it waxed? She can afford it. Or at least don't wear a low-cut dress. But she sure can sing.


Mauricem said...

Man, talk about shattering a man's dreams. How could you be so cruel?!
Seriously though, I knew a girl who had chest hair so long you could see it floating in the pool.
Alicia's chest hair isn't too suprising because she has a huge head of gorgeous thick hair and hairy people tend to have good hair. You'd think she'd shave it befor wearing a low-cut dress though.
The internet is a wonderful place. Where else could you get high-resolution images of a celebrity's chest hair?

Mauricem said...

Dear sir,
She hate me.