Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kitten 911: The Cat Who Called For Help

To those who say cats are worthless as pets, check out this story about a
cat who dialed 911 when his owner was hurt. What happened is, the police get a 911 call but no one answers the line. They trace the call and send a police car to the scene. There they find a wheelchair-bound man lying on the floor, unable to get up. While they tend to him, they find the phone on the floor with his cat lying next to it.

In case you're wondering (like I did), it wasn't a case of the cat accidentally dialing the number. It really did dial 911 on purpose.It seems the cat's owner was wheelchair-bound and spent a long time training the cat to dial 911 by hitting the speed-dial on the phone. He went so far as to leave the phone on the floor for the cat. But he wasn't sure if the training took until now. Yes, witness the dawn of a new breed: the rescue cat. Now we just need to train a cat to wear a little barrel of whiskey around its neck like the St. Bernard.
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Mauricem said...

Yes, cats really can be trained. It just takes more patience and effort. His love for his pet just shows in his effort. Now, are we going to see "guide cats"? I doubt it. LOL Funny picture by the way.

glomgold said...

It's a good thing he trained that cat to dial 911 b/c if he died before help came, that kitty woulda started chowing down on him pronto. I hear dogs will wait a bit at least.