Saturday, January 28, 2006

Monkey Migraine Gets Smacked

A long, long time ago, I stumbled across a blog called I Talk Too Much, which reviews other blogs. I decided to submit mine because I'm a masochist. I never thought about it again, figuring my blog would be chewed up and spit out, based on the angry reviews they have of other blogs. But a Technorati search of my URL popped up I Talk Too Much. Imagine my surprise at getting this review:

Basic Blogspot template tweaked. Short, uncluttered sidebar.

I like this blog. I read the entire front page because it entertained me. I like being entertained.

Ya know, some of these blogs are like movies you’ve wanted to see that turn out totally crappy in the first 10 minutes. Others you get through because there’s nothing else on. Then you have the movies that kinda suck you in and make you forget about you for a little while. That’s kinda what this blog is like.

It amused me. Some parts made me smile even. Wow.

I like it. F*** you if you don’t.

Merry Christmas, Monkey Boy.

Quite a relief. As for the template, I wish I knew how to get a new one or make my own, but it took me a couple hours just to figure out how to put my banner into the top. But I'll work on it.


Mauricem said...

COol man. Keep getting recognized. you have a very entertaining blog.

Frodo Corleone said...

I saw that weeks ago... I thought you knew... belated congrats!