Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nail File: The Fingernail-Ripping Nurse

Out of Japan comes the story of Nurse Akemi Sato, without question one of the worst nurses ever. Her favorite pastime? Ripping the fingernails and toenails off of paralyzed patients with her bare hands. Sounds like she has a promising career in an Iraqi prison. I couldn't find the answer to my main question: were the victims conscious when she tore off the nails? I suspect not because they didn't identify her right away. She tried to blame the incidents on someone else. "Hey, Nurse Sato, do you know what happened to Mrs. Takeshi's big toenail?" "I dunno. I thought I saw some guy with a pair of pliers run off that way." "Man, that's the third toenail we've lost this week." But after the forty-ninth missing nail, people got suspicious. She was caught, tried, and convicted. Her defense was that she was suffering from work-related stress and took it out on her patients. Somebody needs to get that lady one of those squeezeable stress balls. But with that kind of nail treatment, I would've thought this story would come out of Vietnam. Because there are a lot of Vietnamese nail salons in America, you see.
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Mauricem said...

Man that is freaky.

*Conversation from the future:*
Nurse 1: Man I was stressed out yesterday.
Nurse 2: Really?
Nurse 1: Yeah, I must have pulled out at least ten fingernails!
Nurse 2: Wow. That is bad. I only usually pull out two.
Nurse 1: Normally I would, but they're out of coffee in the break room. You know how it is.

Monkey Migraine said...

That's great!

glomgold said...

That is so cruel. Wouldn't punching a paralyzed victim in the stomach had worked just as well, and less nasty?