Sunday, January 22, 2006

ABC Only Needs One Reason: Emily's Reasons Why Not

So many TV shows come and go each year, and I've long since given up my philosophy of giving every new show a chance. Life's too short. So when I saw the commercials for Emily's Reasons Why Not, I never even gave it a thought. Partially because it's a chick show, and partly because I hate Heather Graham. Only good role she's ever done is as a talentless whore actress in Bowfinger, mainly because I suspect it was autobiographical. But I digress. Point is, I didn't even know Emily was supposed to be the next big thing for ABC. But it was. And it wasn't. It got cancelled after only a single episode. I read the explanation by ABC, which was kind of vague, sort of a "just didn't work out" kind of thing. So I went to the reviews at metacritic, which explain it all. Seems it was just a bad show, and Heather Graham wasn't helping. As a fan of bad reviews, where critic vent all their humor and frustration, reading the reviews of Emily is a laugh riot. A sample:

I’ve often compared watching [Heather Graham] to watching a cardboard box. A hot cardboard box, sure, but they both appear to have about the same amount of charisma and personality. And the cardboard box may be a little smarter.

Here's hoping this finally kills Heather Graham's career once and for all.
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Mauricem said...

Man, that really makes you think about the whole television process. How can a TV show go from concept to committment and filming "before even seeing a script for the show" as ABC put it. How could they promote a show ad infinitum without even knowing if it's worthwhile? And then, to cancel after one episode?