Friday, April 28, 2006

Hot Stuff: Sophie Monk

The only good thing about Date Movie is Sophie Monk in one of the co-starring roles. You probably saw her in the Date Movie trailers, doing a parody of Paris Hilton's Carl's Jr commercials. At the time, I assumed she was just some random anonymous model in her first and probably last feature film. In reality, Monk is the Australian version of Kelly Clarkson. She won a televised contest called Popstars to form a girl band. Monk eventually broke out into a solo album. This was her first feature film. Monk's a little too skinny for me, but I've always had a thing for Australian women, and Monk's practically naked for most of the film...literally naked in her first scene. Here's hoping that stinker didn't torpedo her career, and she has an illustrious American movie career in skimpy outfits.

Bonus: Check out some shots from Date Movie at the Seriously Sophie Monk gallery.

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Monkey Migraine said...

I think it's the cheeks and the teeth that do it for me...and her lips...and legs...and eyes...

Mauricem said...

Eh. She's ok I guess. Some women look better moving than in pictures. And vice-versa.