Monday, April 03, 2006

Honda Element and Friends

Every day for the past month, I've driven past a billboard on the freeway that says "What do a Honda Element and a platypus have in common? Find out at 1640 AM right now." Turns out the billboard has a radio transmitter in it that broadcasts a loop of commercials for the Honda Element. Pretty cool idea, interactive, I like it. Only problem is I drive by it at 75 MPH. By the time I turn on the radio, it's already half over, and within 20 seconds, the signal is too weak to hear the rest of it. Good idea, poor execution. They should made the commercials shorter and used a stronger broadcast signal. But you can also check out the commercials (in cartoon format) at Honda Element and Friends. So what's the point of the billboard? Could've saved some money by just having the billboard read "Go to Honda Element and"
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Mauricem said...

Yeah. Pretty dumb. The game's not bad though. Running over small animals is always fun for a laugh.

Monkey Migraine said...

I didn't even see the game. I gotta check that out.