Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Batman vs Osama: Holy Terror

Frank Miller is working on a graphic novel entitled "Holy Terror, Batman" where Batman fights Al-Qaeda in Gotham City. Miller is pitching this as a throwback to when superheroes fought the Nazis in the 1940's. While Frank Miller is right that Captain America punched out Hitler, I think everyone agrees that it was a little goofy. The problem with having fictional superheroes beat up real villains is that the real person is still around. So what good is it? Besides that, compared to the Joker and Ras Al-Ghul, Al-Qaeda is small change. I think Miller would have been better off doing a fictionalized version of Al-Qaeda or a metaphor of Al-Qaeda. I just hope Frank Miller doesn't go so far as to have Batman punch Osama bin Laden. Because that's just silly. I find it interesting that Frank Miller, who had Batman basically fighting the US government in Dark Knight Returns is now so gung-ho into propaganda. Funny what happens when we get older, isn't it?

Bonus: For a more insightful discussion on the graphic novel, check out the Batman Message Board.


Mauricem said...

Interesting stuff. I agree with Miller that it's a traditionalist move and I agree with the critics that it trivializes a serious issue.
How can we read the last page of "Holy Terror" and then turn on the news to watch Al Queda blow up a schoolbus full of children? It feels kind of hollow, but maybe it'll help people think of the costs of war and terrorism.

glomgold said...

I don't necessarily worry about it trivializing a serious issue so much as I, like you said, worry about it just coming across as goofy. Plus, who likes Captain America? I always got the impression he's the guy everyone badmouths behind his back for being a jerk.

Anonymous said...

I like Captain America because he entertains me by Physically Defeating and Subjugating the Enemies of our Constitution.

Batman killing Bin Laden? Can't wait, I'll buy 2 copies, one to read, and one as a Collectors item.

What will make it a collectors item is that while the rest of the Comic Book World mindlessly babbles Politically Correct Garbage about whats in the Koran, and licks Muslim Ass from here to Karachi, this comic book will show 7th Century Fascist Arab Death Cultists getting thier asses kicked, and maybe thier heads being blown off.

Now THAT is entertainment.