Tuesday, April 18, 2006

E-Filing Phobia

There's an article in USA Today about how the IRS is trying to get people to file electronically, but taxpayers are increasingly using the Web to file their taxes, then printing out and mailing their tax returns. Sad to say, I'm one of them. When asked why they did that, many said cost or lack of trust. With me, it was just ignorance. I don't remember getting the option to file electronically or if I did, I wasn't paying attention. I wish I had, since the fricken thing cost me $50 to print out. I will next year.

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Mauricem said...

Yeah, I've heard the IRS are walking a fine line There's no doubt that e-filing reduces errors significantly, but on the other hand it costs money. There are plans to expand it's filing service and software to allow a larger number of people to access it for free, but there's the danger that they'll cross into the consumer market.
Personally I hope they just scrap the current software and put the service all under the unbrella of the government.
Turbo Tax stinks.