Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Don't See "Date Movie"

The person who would find Date Movie funny has never seen Airplane. In order to appreciate Date Movie, you would have to completely forget the concept of a movie parody. There's certainly a lot to make fun of with romantic comedies like the sappy music, the loveable but hapless hero, etc. but Date Movie doesn't do any of that. Instead, it just makes a lot of references to other romantic comedies. They don't really make fun of them, except to put in some weak or gross twist on the original scene. This movie doesn't even make sense unless you saw the movies they were making fun of. There were parts where I thought to myself "Why is this happening? Oh, it must be a reference to a movie I haven't seen before."

My goal with this is to keep anyone else from ever seeing this movie. Date Movie needs to flop so badly that they not only never make a sequel, but it makes Hollywood re-evaluate making movie parodies to begin with. Because Date Movie shows that the studios have forgotten what movie parodies are.


Frodo Corleone said...

FYI, Big Momma's House 2 was actually pretty good.

glomgold said...

Someone was just telling me about this "Date Movie" and how it looked pretty good. I didn't trust his judgement and now you've definitely confirmed my suspicions! I think I will pop in my "Murder by Death" DVD instead.
(slowly making my way back through the archives)

corbs83 said...

I won't watch it when it arrives in the UK. You have my word.

Hopefully it will flop so bad it will avoid crossing the Atlantic!

Mauricem said...

Ebert and Roeper gave it the "Wagging finger of shame" for refusing to show it to critics. metacritic gave it a 10! That means it was rated as "Extreme dislike or disgust". Oof. Definately not a must-see film.
Thanks for saving me the $8 I may have put down to see it.