Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Paris Hilton is an Idiot: Part One

This is gonna be a long post, but I think it's worth it. As I did years ago with Britney Spears, I feel it's my duty to bring to you proof positive that Paris Hilton is an idiot. Like Spears, the proof comes in an interview, but this one is with her own lawyers. Paris is involved in a lawsuit (for more info, check out Court TV) and was deposed for her statement. The great thing about that is that it's pretty much blows away Paris' claim that she only pretends to be a dumb blonde. She wouldn't pretend to be this stupid under oath. Trust me, some of this stuff will definitely show up in (not) Paris Hilton's Secret Diary. I'll be posting some of the best bits of the 200-page document which you can read at TMZ in the sidebar as PDF files.

[pg. 25]
Here, Paris Hilton is asked what she said to the plaintiff, Zeta Graff, one night in a nightclub...
Q: And what did you specifically say as far as you can recall?
A: "I just said to her... she is old and should stay at home with her child instead of being at night clubs with young people. And just that -- I just - what else did I say? Just that she is not cute at all.
Q: Not what?
A: Good looking. I'm being nice.

When confronted with comments she made in her e-mails that seemed to contradict her statements, Paris said: "Whatever I write in an e-mail, it doesn't mean anything. It is just words I write."

[page 31]
Here, they were asking if Paris read stories about the plaintiff Zeta Graff in the news...
Q: Were they UK publications?
PARIS: No. Like US Weekly or In Touch. And there is stuff in London.
MR. STEIN [Paris' lawyer]: London is a UK publication.
PARIS: Right. UK. Whatever.

[page 34]
When asked where she met Zeta Graff on another occasion at an Elton John party...
Q: This Elton John party, was that a pre or post Oscar party?
Q: I'm sorry. Pre or post?
PARIS: After.
MR. STEIN: Post.

To be continued...

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Mauricem said...

LOL. Why does Paris always sound so bored? It's like if she isn't surrounded by music and drugs she completely tunes out of life. And then is too bored to tune back in.