Sunday, February 19, 2006

Demolition Day

In the aftermath of Valentine's Day, I propose a new holiday. One for men only. I hereby christen February 22 Demolition Day, a day that celebrates destruction. What do you do on Demolition Day?

1) When you greet someone, instead of saying "Hello," yell "Boom!" To get the full effect, lunge at them and throw up your hands.

2) Throw a party with the traditional Demolition Day meal of beer and pizza while you watch action movies where stuff blows up. Any Rambo or Terminator movie will do.

3) Build a gingerbread house and decorate it all fancy and beautiful. Then at midnight, you and all your friends smash it to pieces with sticks or bare hands. If you really want to get fancy, use a bomb.

4) This would only happen if Demolition Day took off...but wouldn't it be great if there was a building somewhere that needs to be demolished, and they broadcast the demolition live on Demolition Day? And we all counted down like on New Years' Eve and the detonation occured at midnight? And what if there were four or five buildings being demolished at the same time all around the world at midnight, and they showed them all simultaneously, picture-in-picture? Awesome.

So join me in celebrating Demolition Day on February 22. And tell your friends. Boom!


corbs83 said...

Sounds cool!

I went to a demolition yesterday. Was a bit of a let down!

Another movie idea; Independence Day. Lots of buildings destroyed in that one!

glomgold said...

Boom! I'm all for blowing stuff up. But I'm a guy, so I guess that's redundant.

gearboy said...

demolition day is go! we have m80's, the gingerbread house is next!