Friday, February 17, 2006

Giving the Superfinger

I've heard comedian Dane Cook and wasn't that impressed. Yeah, he's funny, but not enormously funny. I felt he ripped off Brian Regan's comedic style too much. But then I read an article about how his real popularity comes from two things. One is his routine about an enhanced version of the Finger called the Superfinger (or Su-Fi for short) which has become his symbol. The other is his accessability with a topnotch website and MySpace account. The website has free streaming clips from his CDs, and I have to admit, some of them are hysterical. Like his bit on Kool-Aid. That's a classic. Check out Dane

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Mauricem said...

That guy is really funny! Edgy, but very cutting edge. The SNL car rental sketch was great. The whole sketch is about him loudly cracking various parts of his body. Too bad it never aired, because it's ten times better than any sketch I've seen in years. I think it was the nose blowing at the end.