Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Unseen Movie Reviews: Corpse Bride

I am a huge Tim Burton fan. Seriously. I automatically see any movie Tim Burton makes, without even hearing what the movie is about. Usually. But I'm not going to see Corpse Bride. Burton has done a lot of twisted things, including making action figures of children with nails in their eyes and turning Santa Claus into a demonic skeleton, but Corpse Bride just takes it too far. Maybe because I'm married, I feel differently, but the idea of a dead woman brought back to life to get married seems so sad and twisted that even I can't stand to see it. Check that. It's exactly because I'm married. I just don't see anything funny about that.

I've read mixed reviews, from people who think it's better than Nightmare Before Christmas to people who think it's absolutely worthless. I guess I just feel like I won't be missing anything. It sounds like Nightmare Before Christmas crossed with Meet the Parents. But I applaud Burton for continuing to support stop-motion animation. This and Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit keep the dream alive. Take that, Pixar.


Mauricem said...

Actually, it's based on an old German folktale: A young man is practicising his wedding vows in the woods when he accidentally proposes to a corpse.
Tim Burton is a sicky though. And no, I have no desire to see it either. Especially because one of the characters is the maggot that lives in her eye socket.
I only hope it does well so we can see more stop-motion animation films.

glomgold said...

Well, initially I was interested in seeing it, then my interest waned. Now that you've mentioned the maggot in the eye-socket thing though, maybe I will check it out after all. My big problem with Tim Burton movies though is they always look like they're going to be fantastic and I get my expectations too high.

glomgold said...

Oh yeah, and love that stop motion stuff!

Monkey Migraine said...

Oh, so we have the Germans to blame for this. Those guys sure are sickos. I guess it's not so bad, then. I don't blame Burton. I read that the Corpse Bride was designed after Burton's ex-wife. But I haven't been disappointed with any of Burton's movies, though. Quite the contrary with "Big Fish" and "Charlie." I had low expectations of those, and he delivered big-time.