Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Batman Returns Again

Okay, Batman Returns was a disappointment compared to Batman. But compared to Batman and Robin, it was a freakin' masterpiece. Still, I would have liked something different. A more regal Penguin. A better story. In other words, a new Batman Returns. Well, we can't do that here, but we can do the next best thing - present the original, discarded, unproduced screenplay to Batman Returns. It was written by Sam Hamm, the original screenwriter of Batman. I think it's pretty good. Certainly interesting to see what might have been.


Mauricem said...

That script is great! I especially love the way he used his Batmobile in the park. A lot better than the lame sequence they filmed in the two-foot warehouse set Burton built. I haven't finished reading it, but I've added it to my must-0read list. Right after I finish the Doctor Who novel I'm reading, "The Dying Days".
Thanks for the link!

Monkey Migraine said...

Yeah, the flame in the front was awesome.