Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rosa Parks Didn't Do Nothin'

Rosa Parks is dead. While plenty of people will be mourning and eulogizing her today, I thought we should inject a dose of reality into the moment. And who better to do that than Eddie with his infamous speech from the movie, Barbershop.

Rosa Parks ain't do nothin' but sit her black a** down. What Rosa Parks has become is a symbol of the civil rights movement. Now true, I gotta give Rosa her props in that her act helped start the movement, but you know what, she damn sure ain't special, cuz a whole lotta black folk sat down on them busses and got thrown in jail, and they did it before she did it! Only thing different between them and her is that she was secretary at the NAACP, plus she knew Martin Luther King so she got publicity... Look, black people gotta stop lying to themselves. There are three things black folk gotta admit. One: Rodney King deserved to get his a** beat for driving drunk and gettin' rolled in a Hyundai. Two: OJ did it! OJ did it! And three: Rosa Parks ain't do s*** but sit her black a** down in a bus.


Mauricem said...

Well I gotta disagree. Rosa Parks refuted all his claims years ago.
1- She wasn't old, she was only in her 40's.
2- She wasn't tired, she said it was just an average work day for her but she was tired of the oppression
3- She used her connections to give the movement a voice, but I agree there were a lot more before and after her.

Did you know she came to Arizona a few years ago to speak out when they repealed the Martin Luthor King holiday?
She was just a woman, but one of the good ones.

Monkey Migraine said...

I still think his point that lots of other black people got arrested for sitting in the bus was true, and many commentators on her agreed. And I read a "moving" account of the story, and it made a big deal about how tired she was that day. So one of them was lying.