Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fruit Buzz?!

You've probably seen the ads for McDonald's new Fruit and Walnut salad. Also known as a Waldorf salad. I find it condescending that they felt they had to simplify the name. Look at Jack-In-The-Box. They didn't call their new bread "puffy bread." They called it "ciabatta bread." We can handle "Waldorf Salad." It might actually teach people that other salads exist besides cherry tomatoes and iceberg lettuce.

What I don't get is why they felt the need to invent the idea of a "fruit buzz," some vaguely-described feeling you get when you eat fruit. I eat fruit all the time, and I don't get a "fruit buzz" or any other high from it, unless it's laced with cocaine. I suppose you could give them points for promoting fruit in general, but I think this is bound to lead to disappointment. People eat the salad and say, "Hey, there's no fruit buzz. I've been robbed. Never eat fruit again." Besides, there's not much fruit in the fruit and walnut salad to begin with. Wendy's has the real fruit buzz with their fruit bowl. Try again, Mickey D.

Plus, they cheated. They candy-coated the walnuts. Can't they have one thing on the menu that doesn't have sugar or fat on it?


Wendy said...

McDonalds is poison. Once you puke green puke from a quarter pounder meal with a blue powerade drink (blue drink+yellow fries=green puke) you know...McDonalds is poison.

Mauricem said...

We really enjoyed those waldorf salads until Mcdonalds did what they always do. Promote a new item till it becomes popular, then cut the portions and keep the price. I never knew apples and grapes could grow that small. Skip the salad and make it at home, it's cheaper and has better portions. Not sure how to get the nuts though...