Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bombing the Island

You ever see ads for a movie and go, "That looks interesting," but you don't end up going to see it. Then a few months later, you discover it was a massive bomb or a massive success, and you're like "Wow, didn't see that coming." That's how I felt when I read that the producers of The Island did an interview to explain why their movie bombed. I assumed it did well, but the reasons they give were pretty much my own for not going. Scarlett Johannsen gave her response to the producers blaming the movie's failure on her. Love a good celebrity dogfight.


Mauricem said...

Yikes. Interestingly, I thought a lot about this film.
I'll don't know exactly why the movie failed, but for me it just wasn't interesting.
Ebert and Roeper described it as two sepearte movies: a thoughtful sci-fi film and a slam-bang action chase movie. Independantly good, but together disjointed. This is probably because Michael Bay joined late in the project.
One very interesting sidenote is that the film was rumored to be a remake of "The Clonus Horror" from the 80's. "Clonus" was about a group of people living on a paradise island that discover they're just clones to provide parts for the wealthy and the famous. There was even a campaign to get the creators to acknowledge the obvious similarities.

Mauricem said...

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