Saturday, January 31, 2004

I Used To Believe

Today's fun link is I Used To, a website where people submit what they used to believe as children about the world. It's funny, nostalgic, and weird. Here's a good example:

"My cousin moved from Texas to Illinois when she was about 4. At the time it was winter and she had never seen snow. When her mother told her that she was finally going to see snow she started crying. As it turned out she thought that snow came out of the sky in the form of snowballs and they would hit you in the head if you went outside."
Categories: random-lynx

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Tracy Brouillette said...

i LOVE the "I Used To Believe" site... i have a few of my own pathetic stories in that link myself, and can think of multiple others on any given day! Well, ok, hope you get rid of your monkey migraine - do they make something for that? Try a Goody Powder, they knock out pretty much whatever you got going on.