Saturday, January 31, 2004

Flashback Friday: Great Space Coaster

Well, I wanted to post this on Friday, but I forgot so it's flashback Saturday. Here's a reminder of the classic show, "The Great Space Coaster." There is a fanbase online for it, just like everything else, but not much. I found one that calls itself The Unofficial Site dedicated to the show but which looks pretty sparse and cheezy. I think this AOL version is better with more pictures, but both reminded me of a few things.

First of all, they had some great characters. Seeing their pictures on the website was like flipping through a photo album and seeing old friends, the kind you hadn't thought about in years but triggered a flood of memories. Remember Gary Gnu (which oddly was pronounced "guh-new")? I think his catchphrase was "No g-news is good g-news." And also Goriddle Gorilla, who was obsessed with bananas.

I think my favorite moment was always when the black guy pulled out his little video gizmo and snapped in a square plastic chip that would play the cartoons. Now I realize it looked a lot like a handheld VCR! At the time, it was portrayed as magical, but would that we had something like that today. Those portable DVD players are huge.
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