Saturday, January 31, 2004

Blind Date: Queer Eye

I caught the end of an episode of "Blind Date" last month where this very (shall we say) flamboyant guy was on the date. It started when he first came out of his apartment to meet the girl and literally skipped down the stairs. The show rewound and played the skipping again with "What the heck" on the screen, then put little cartoon flames behind him. That kind of thing went on the whole date. He and the girl went on a carriage ride in the park and he was talking to the driver named Sam with his head tilted and the words "Is he coming onto Sam?" scrolled across.

Finally, the couple are talking in their car and the conversation turns to dating habits. The guy says how he feels dishonest when he's dating more than one person. The girl laughs and agrees and he blurts out, "I know, I hate that, when you're juggling like seventeen guys!" The show rewound and played it again: "seventeen guys...seventeen guys...seventeen guys!" Then it put up a cartoon of a suitcase slamming shut, "Case closed."

At the end of the date, the girl said, "I wouldn't date him again. I don't know how he feels about dating straight women."

Not that there's anything wrong with that...
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