Saturday, April 30, 2005

Movie of the Lost

It's official...Will Ferrell has signed on to play the father in the new Land of the Lost movie, which means it's now on the fast track. I'm totally looking forward to this movie, because I think Ferrell could do it right. They made a new version in 1991, but they took the concept too seriously. Even the original didn't take itself that seriously. Hopefully, Will Ferrell will give the show the wacky, campy feel it needs. Sort of a Brady Bunch Movie meets Jurassic Park. And this a week after our Flashback on Land of the Lost. Coincedence? Probably.

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Mauricem said...

Jack Black is being cast as one of his sons. Krofft also reports that they're going to use the lowest grade CGI they can to get the look of the old television show. So far, it sounds pretty good!
I agree by the way. The eyes of the world are on your blog.