Saturday, April 30, 2005

Digital Dieting

You ever look at an amazingly hot picture of your favorite actress and think, "Wow, she's almost too beautiful." Yeah, me either. But did you ever wonder how much was real and what was digital?

That's why I hate Cosmopolitan. That's because they always airbrush the heck out of their cover models. Even my favorite actresses like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Angelina Jolie look fake in their hands. I found an interesting website that shows before and after of an airbrushed model. When you see the magic they can do, you'll never look at any picture the same again.
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Dylan (That One Guy) McDonnell said...

Why must you ruin the magic for me? WHY!!! I am going to go kill myself now...thanks alot

Monkey Migraine said...

You're welcome. Eat the it!

Mauricem said...

Amazing! I can't handle the truth!