Friday, April 01, 2005

Gay Who

Only days after the enormously successful launch of the brand-new Doctor Who series on the BBC, it's all come crashing down again. The celebrated actor Christopher Eccleston who plays the new Doctor has refused to sign up for a second season, leaving the BBC with a mountain of toys and other merchandising that will be obsolete by the time it hits the shelves.

What's even more interesting than the departure is the reason. It seems Eccleston finds his character too gay. I haven't personally seen the show, but this photo doesn't exactly screen macho, does it? And the fact that the new Who writer used to write the gay series Queer as Folk isn't exactly a plus, either. There's a rumor that Orlando Bloom will be the next Doctor Who. All I'll say about that is I don't think he'll mind the gay-oriented approach (cough cough).


Mauricem said...

That's hysterical. While I've haven't seen the show yet, I know Doctor Who isn't a very butch character to begin with. He's always been a bit of a dandy.
Still, I have to say it's pretty unprofessional of the guy to bolt after one season. I'll bet Tom Baker would give his right arm to play the Doctor again.

Mauricem said...

"Something tells me this guy comes from a planet that's big on musical theater." - Bender "Futurama"

Scott Matthewman said...

The "too gay" comment is an unsubstantiated one from the Daily Mail -- i.e., one that you should take with a whole pillar of salt.