Friday, June 25, 2004

Trouble Already?

Quicker than I thought we would, we have to do an Olsen Twins update...(brrrddddd-WAM!)...just days after their 18th birthday, one of the Olsen twins has caused her first scandal. She checked into a clinic for treatment of an eating disorder, anorexia.

Now besides the shock of how quickly the Olsens managed to rip off their veil of purity, I think this story also illustrates why I listen to gossip. I've been reading stories about Mary-Kate Olsen having an eating disorder for months. People have expressed shock at how bone-thin she is. And of course, as in this People Magazine article, the Olsens denied it for months. Now, surprise, it's true. Stuff like this makes the National Enquirer look like the New York Times.

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Mauricem said...

Makes you agree with Agent K from MIB; the regular newspapers miss a lot.