Saturday, June 05, 2004

Flashback: Brain Drain

But you remember "Braindrain," an HBO series of short animated films based on educational issues. It's intimately associated with "Fraggle Rock" to me, because those two were the only thing I really watched on HBO. I remember segments based on memory, where they showed scenes and you had to find the things missing, and mathematical games. The opening was cool, a series of people whispering "braindrain" with increasingly loud voices until it became one guy yelling "Brain Drain!" It was loads of fun.

This was a tough one, because HBO's "Brain Drain" seems to be the only TV show in the universe that doesn't have a hardcore fan following. The only article I could find on it was a review of the videotapes. Turns out there were only six episodes, chopped up and reformed into different episodes. I remember more than that, but also remember a lot of repeats. I'm surprised that "SuperGran" got more attention than "Brain Drain," a truly great educational series before Bill Nye came along.

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Mauricem said...

I do remember that very well. Especially the cheesy animation style they had. Great stuff. The link doesn't work by the way, I couldn't find a review.