Friday, June 25, 2004

Not-So-Simple Test

I was all set to buy AlamDV, that special-effects program I mentioned, based on "The Test." I figured if that guy could do an amazing movie like that in one afternoon with AlamDV, then I'm there. But then I found the guy's website where he explained how he did some of the effects. First of all, it's great stuff, very informative. Second, I couldn't help noticing he did almost none of the effects with AlamDV. He mainly did it with Adobe Premeire, which is very expensive. Sigh...back to the drawing board. This guy has some good links to moviemaking stuff, too, by the way.

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Monkey Migraine said...

Correction...he did a lot of the particle and beam effects with AlamDV, but not the split-screen and multiple character shots, which is what I was most impressed with.