Saturday, June 19, 2004

Batman Beginning

There's a great article on MSNBC about the "Batman Begins" production. It's basically "The last Batman movies sucked. We're sorry about that. These guys are trying to fix it." Seems like they've made some bold moves, like giving the movie to an inexperienced director, scrapping everything including the Tim Burton version, and making it a drama. And Morgan Freeman is Lucius Fox! This movie just screams "Watch me." But I'm confused. Last I heard, the villain was Ras Al-Ghul played by Ken Watanabe, and he's still in the cast list on IMDB. But this article says the villain is the Scarecrow, yet there's no listing for Scarecrow or Crane (Scarecrow's alter ego) on IMDB. Is it Scarecrow, Ras al-Ghul, or both? Very strange. But never mind. Check out a video of the unveiling of the new Batmobile in all its glory.

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Mauricem said...

I had read that article myself and just thought it was fascinating. Sometimes having the right mindset is half the battle in making a good movie. So far so good.
The batmobile video is amazing.