Sunday, May 14, 2006

How To Keep Me From Reading Your Blog: Lesson 5

If you don't see what's wrong with this blog posting or this is what your blog looks like, then you are the problem.

I have good news. This morning, I took 50 milligrams of Flexoma and that made me vomit for only three hours. It's getting better. I managed to get enough strength to move my left pinky twice. Since I started this blog to support others with carmalephalomagiatis, I've met so many wonderful people. Of course, most of them die within two weeks of contacting me, but they're my best friends. This disease is horrible, but it hasn't crushed my spirit. One day, I'll be able to swallow again. Since this disease has ravaged my digestive system, tune in tomorrow for my detailed description of how I excrete waste products.

Lesson 4
Lesson 3
Lesson 2
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Mauricem said...

The fact that I had a hard time reading YOUR post is the very reason I won't be reading anybody elses. No offense to the sickly, but I don't read JAMA for a reason.

PBS said...

My blog sort of reads like Lesson #2, ha ha!